Eco Chic vs Modern and Minimal
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Home decor styling tips for any aesthetic.

Home decor styling tips for any aesthetic.


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About kembalicollective

Kembali Collective is a curation of home decor and accessories that we have discovered in the Indonesian culture. Our mission is to bring unique, handcrafted items into people’s homes, connecting them with local artisans and the story behind each piece. We strive to create a moment of happiness and gratitude with simple everyday tasks. We are constantly inspired by the beauty, craftsmanship, creativity and connectivity of the Balinese people. Kembali, in Indonesian means, to return or to give back; a special meaning for us, as we give back a portion of each purchase to the people of Bali. We have been able to connect with so many people through My Daily Live and tell our story. Communicating our values of environmental compassion and sharing the process of our artisans has really changed the way we interact with our followers.